Winter has arrived : Happy new Year !
Written by Gilles Marsaudon   

Ice on our vineyards at Monteberiot Ice on our vineyards at MonteberiotWinter has arrived just before Christmas. Our delicately frozen vineyards are beautiful.  Click on one of these images to see them full size.

Obviously, just as everyone, we hope 2007 is going to be a very good year, with the best possible new President to pull the French wine world out of its current crisis state. And to bring back hope and desire to those of us who could use more... But let's not bet too much on that and simply rely on ourselves to find again smiles, energy and pleasure from those "small things of life" as well as the big ones.

This is what we wish you all... 

emilie et julien - bonne année 08-04-2007 15:48
coucou ! un 'ti bonjour d'orléans pour dire bravo pour le site amélioré et complété, les photos sont belles et la présentation est simple, ce qui rend la lecture agréable.
nous allons bien, sous la neige et surtout le froid !
anne marie - visite du site 08-04-2007 15:48
comme promis je jette un coup d'oeil,
bravo au photographe , peut être aurai je l'occasion de vous faire quelques photos pour le plaisir et ajouter à votre press-book
à bientôt
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