Actors of Monteberiot's days
Monteberiot - MH Leonard  

Marie-Hélène Leonard

  I have always worked in the wine industry. I started in the Cognac area, then for several wine companies (including an import/export business in the U.K.). In september 2002, I have dive, in local univeristy - E.N.I.T.A. of Bordeaux, into a one year long training period (master of wine estate management) to "add a few strings to my bow" as we say, and most of all, to prepare for my "first day in winemaking" 


Gilles Marsaudon

Since 1979, in Bordeaux, I have been a designer, specialising in special events and trade shows booth. Most of my customers were in the wine industry (Cognac, Bordeaux, famous Napa Valley Californian estates. Some shows I have been par t of : VINEXPO, PROWEIN, London Wine Fair, Tax-Free World Exhibition, Sitevi-Vinitech etc…. 

  Monteberiot - Gilles Marsaudon


From the very start, we have been helped by people without whom the project could not exist  :

  • Richard Vanrenterghem, Wine growing consultant, has been with us from day 1. He has  been instrumental in restructuring and growing the vineyard.
  • Michel Guiraud, Oenologue (winemaking specialist) has been with us very early as well, to guide us through our first steps as winemakers, with utmost patience and loyalty.
Both of them, interested in our project, have brought their know-how and knowledge of this land. The gold medals won for the 2003 and 2004 vintages are dedicated to them .   Michel et Philippe dans les vignes
  • Michel Bille

     During spring 2005, we have at last met the serious and trustworthy man who could help us on the estate. having started his career in aeronautics, he had switched a few years ago to winemaking. He is a very dedicated person and gives us a precious help.


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