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Monteberiot is a 10 hectares (around 22 acres) estate, bought at the end of 2002. It is located at the heart of the Country of Bourg, on the Mombrier municipality. (North Gironde – Right side of the Garonne river)


  • predominently clay and limestone soils, becoming more sandy near the well orientated (north-east - south-west, east-west) small hills we call "coteaux".


  • 7 hectares (15 acres) are currently fully productive
  • Mostly black merlot vines ("Merlot noir", 75%), together with Cabernets-Sauvignons (22%) and cabernets-francs (3%)


We have started in 2003 a deep change in structure of the vineyard:

A plot-by-plot analysis has been performed to help us find about the most suited vine and support, the ones that should yield the best quality. As a result, most notably, we have re-introduced a older varietal: Malbec (also called Cot), on 70 ares (1.5 acres).

We also replaced the supporting metallic wires called "palissages", set up more of them and at a higher level, to optimize leaves exposure

Vineyard management

We are focused on putting in fact the word « Reasonable agriculture » : natural grass  between vines - soil work - phyto-sanitary treatments down the a minimum - natural  grass removal in alternance with plowing.

From thinning to harvesting, we do everything to get the highest quality. Our key words… : controlled yields and quest for the optimum maturity of the grapes (leaves removal, thinnings, "green" harvesting).


Again done on a plot-by-plot basis, harvesting is either manual or mechanized depending on the wine it will be used for.

Grapes are cleaned and sorted before getting into the processing tanks.


  • controlled temperature all along the fermentation process
  • Pre-fermentation cold maceration (3 to 4 days)
  • Low temperature alcoholic fermentation (maceration duration is managed in accordance with the vintage characteritics and the desired level of extraction)

Growing process

  • 15 to 18 month in concrete or stainless steel tanks  as well as in oak barrel, either new or  « 1 to 3 wines » based on the wine being made.


Winemaking, growing and bottling are all done on the estate.


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