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More than a name: the turning point of our lives. A slowly matured decision allowed us to bring all the passion, desire and that specific touch of mindlessness required (essential elements to jump into this adventure, against all odds in a troubled time for our industry). Fall 2002 was there, we made our choice : it will be in the Côtes de Bourg , one of the most beautiful part of the Bordeaux area. A not very good looking estate, but on a magnificent "terroir". What a project ! Marie-Hélène leaves permanently her job in the sales department of a major wine trader, and goes back to university to prepare a Master in winery management.

At the same time, I sell my design and supply of trade shows booth company. Our first task at hand was to find the "oenologue" (winemaking specialist) and vines engineer who will have to be part of Monteberiot. The vines themselves, as well as the buildings and most of the equipment, were in a really bad shape.

As for the vines, we have heavily cut them during winter 2002-2003. Objective: bring back to life the plots the previous owners had exhausted: start again to work the soil, fertilizers addition (130 tons of vegetal compost), upgrade and repair of all supporting wires ("palissages"), … All roof tops of buildings are rebuilt, buildings with too much damages are removed, the tanks warehouse is totally reconditioned, tiles are laid down on all floors, concrete tanks are rebuilt, tank doors and plumbing elements are replaced by stainless equipment, inground stainless collectors are added at the foot of each tank, ceilings are insulated, the electric equipment is also completely replaced.

A small barrel warehouse is created, followed rapidly by a bottle warehouse, set up in an  old stable, which only lacked a front wall !
Last but not least, we have invested in winemaking and vineyard equipment, new or very recent.
We dedicate all our energy (and money!) to this first phase. So far, we have put on hold the renovation process of no-winemaking buildings, to concentrate on the vineyards and winemaking
Well, what about the wine itself ? « Make the best possible wine » was our idea, and aloso th eonly way to survive in the current competitive state of the market… It will be you, industry professionnals, wine hobbyists or casual wine drinkers who will decide on the outcome… We invite you to discover the wine we make, all three of them, by clicking on this link.
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